Monday, November 28, 2011

Possibly Maybe

Possibly Maybe

I currently have an H&M gift card burning a hole in my wallet. While I wish the H&M website had more to offer, I did find a few pieces I may have to try on. I am going to try to not buy all black pieces...promise. My Closet is beginning to look like the black hole. That said I am hoping this trip happens soon! I am in desperate need of some retail therapy!

H M short dress
H M long faux fur vest
H M short pleated skirt
H M leather handbag,
Product Detail | H&M PT

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For The Shoe Addicted

What girl doesn't love shoes and Rachel Bilson? I have been obsessed my whole life with shoes and with Rachel Bilson since the day the OC aired on TV. (Rachel was always better then Mischa. I just have to say it.) RB can do no wrong. She is beautiful, seems like she may be the sweetest girl ever and everything she wears I want to steal. So clearly I was pretty stoked to hear that her and her stylist Nicole Chavez have teamed up with Steve Madden to launch her new e-commerce project ShoeMint. The gist of it is just like Stylemint. You sign up, you take a style quiz and then each month you get to choose from a selection of amazing shoes (exclusively on the site) that all cost $79.98 a pair. If for some reason you don't love the collection on a certain month you just skip it at no charge and pray you fall in love the next month. Oh and did I mention the free shipping?
 The official launch is this Friday November 25th so hurry and sign up. I hope to be running around in my new pair ASAP!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

It is now officially freezing here in SF and I officially need a new coat. These are a few of the coats over at Nasty Gal that I am obsessed with. Now I have the challenge of narrowing it down to one...mayyybe two. Which one is your favorite?!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Golden Taco Party

This past Thursday was an exciting night. First off I got to spend it with my wonderful friend Mira. This is always an exciting treat because she is one of the busiest ladies I know. We started our night off going to the restaurant Lolo on 22nd street. Mira frequents this place and has more then once talked about how amazing it is. With that said I will just say this...Mira knows her shit. Not only is Lolo’s fantastic, but its also so amazing that I couldn’t help but try a tuna taco. Let me note that I have been a strict vegetarian for around 6 years. However, lately I feel like I may have an inner foodie that I am keeping hostage inside of me and who is screaming to get out. Not sure If I will succumb fully to these urges but that tuna taco at Lolo’s...delicious. After stuffing our faces and having a cocktail that literally came in a bucket, we headed to Project One gallery for the “Gold” opening reception. The “Gold” themed exhibit, curated by Brooke Waterhouse was inspired by the gold rush of 1848 and included amazing paintings, stenciled records, stunning jewelry and a giant tiger covered in an obscene amount of glitter (to name a few pieces). Project One was also celebrating their 3 year anniversary that night and tons of people flocked to see the art, enjoy the open bar and get their dance on. We ran into some friends and I got introduced to some new ones, including Mira’s dear friend Sonnie who throws the events for the gallery. Sonnie was rocking it out in head to toe pieces from Mira Mira and I crowned her “best dressed’ at the event. After mingling for a while and getting my photo op with the glitter tiger I headed home...full of tuna tacos and with traces of gold glitter on my sweater. 
The “Gold” exhibit at Project One Gallery is running till December 3rd. Check it out!

Blurry evidence of the tuna taco intake.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...

This past weekend I went to Vegas to celebrate one of my best friends engagements. It wasn't a bachelorette party, but more of a pre-party before the big day (which will most definitely be off the hook...yeah I said off the hook). This is what I wore to the airport Friday when I flew out. The obnoxious florescent pink color of this free people shirt doesn't read well on camera but trust me, it's hard to miss someone that's wearing it. I also figured that since I have worn these Aldo platforms in 3 out of 4 outfit posts I should explain why...they are comfortable and cute. End of story. I love to wear them when I fly for both those reasons and because they are easy to get on and off, which comes in handy when going through security. These black Court jeans that I got from Mira Mira are the best thing to ever happen to me and my butt. They are beyond flattering and I could wear them for days in a row (which I often do) and they don't stretch out. They are like a little slice of jean heaven.

I wish I could say that I took a bunch of awesome pictures while actually in Vegas but the truth Is I literally took 4 pictures on my camera and they are horrible. Like blurry and unflattering angle horrible. So it looks like what happens in Vegas has no choice but to stay in Vegas.

Jeans: Court Via Mira Mira
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Forever 21
Jacket: Hanii Y

*Note: This amazing jacket and shirt belong to my best friend Sally (bride to be). Her closet is one of my favorites and it's like having my very own personal showroom to borrow from. She is pretty amazing for sharing. XO