Friday, October 28, 2011

Get Your Purity Ring On

Remember when I said I was a sucker for a group with an awesome female lead? Well here is another example. Purity Ring is a band that I have recently become semi-obsessed with. Their single “Belispeak” is so catchy and addicting I can barely even stand it. So of course when I become obsessed with something I have to google it to death to read up and scour whatever pictures I can find. My luck on this stalking assignment was not so easy. Try googling “Purity Ring Band” and all your going to get is a bunch of crap about ACTUAL purity rings. Not interested google, sorry. Through the crap I did manage to find some pictures and articles about the actual band, and after doing what lurking I could, I decided that singer Megan James and bandmate Corin Roddick are adorable. Megan rocks these girly dresses on stage in such an ‘I don’t give a shit’ way that it makes me jealous. Pretty much she rocks. And Corin...not too bad to look at and he has great style. Score. Add in the fact that the bands sound is a swoony mix of synth, samples,and beats with r&b and hip hop influences and you have a slam dunk. I encourage everyone to take a listen and if you are feeling really ambitious, try the google search. At the very least you will learn what purity bands are hot this season. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Morning Coffee

This is me actually taking the first sip of my coffee which was SCORCHING hot. I will let you just take a wild guess at what words came out of my mouth seconds later.

Every once in a while I get a weekday morning off and occasionally I blow off all my homework and errands and just hang out with my roommate. This was one of those mornings. I am very lucky to live with one of my best friends and still actually like her. She is pretty incredible and super supportive of this whole blog venture...along with any and everything else I do. (She takes all my outfit pictures!) So, we decided to turn a coffee trip into an outfit post opportunity. I just recently got this Staring At Stars shirt from Urban Outfitters and I can’t take it off. It’s sheer, loose, soft, and has endless layering possibilities. I personally love a good oversized shirt and I love it even more when it doesn’t make you look like your in your second trimester. 

Shirt: Staring at stars, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Cooperative (All Via Urban Outfitters), Ring: Forever21

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prepare For The Stampedes!

Photos via Huffingtonpost
Versace for H&M will be available in stores on November 19th. I already know the line and rush of people trying to get their paws on the items at the downtown SF store is going to be INTENSE! I was at the downtown store a few days after they released the Jimmy Choo collection and I was almost knocked down the escalator by a women hoarding boxes of shoes. (I must say I was impressed at how many boxes she could actually carry though.) Don’t get me wrong...I get it. The thought of getting amazing designer clothes for so cheap is enough to drive any girl/guy crazy, however I am not one to camp out and wait in line only to have to out run and climb over women to get what I want. Now when I was a kid and really into cabbage patch dolls, you bet your ass I would have ran, climbed, and fought to the death to get my hands on the perfect baby, Darleen Deanne or Marcelle Elizabeth or April Lynn, but now its just not a good look on me. I am more of a wait a few days and drop in to see if they still have anything in my size, and when they don’t...cause they never do...I resort to pouting before I decide to scour the internet hoping to find something on Ebay. That being said...this Versace line may make me rethink my plan. The official look book was recently released and there are a few pieces that have me considering putting my helmet and running shoes on. While there is of course tons of colors and patterns happening in this collection, I can’t help but be drawn to the amazing and perfectly detailed black dresses. I am drooling over the black studded dress and can already invision myself wearing it to holiday parties. This may be love people... and it may be strong enough to send me into the stampede.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rock Girl Power

Let me start off by saying that I can’t sing worth a damn, let alone play an instrument, but I am an absolute sucker for a great solo female artist or band with an amazing female lead. Maybe its the relate-ability you can get from their lyrics... Or the envy you feel when you watch them take the stage with complete confidence and control a crowd. Whatever it is I love it! Over the years there has been tons of bands with amazing women taking the lead and there are a few of the ladies that I cant get enough of. Not only are they fantastic at what they do, they also have a great sense of style. The way I see it, the more rock girl power the better. Thank you ladies for being so bad ass...I will continue to be envious and live vicariously through your awesomeness.
Chan Marshall of Cat Power for Chanel 2006

Sarah Barthel of Phantogram

Kristin "Dee Dee" Gundred of Dum Dum Girls
Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells
Photos courtesy of the following sites: and

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Found Love On Union Street

Last night I attended the grand opening for ACRE SF hosted by Refinery29 and man was it fun. The house was packed with all of SF’s fashionistas and fashionistos and for good reason. Not only was the party a blast (cheese, wine, and a performance by The Soft White Sixties...who are awesome!) but the clothes and Bliss Lau jewelry were drool worthy. The clothes are the kind of pieces you want to live in. I seriously could have drained my entire bank account there and bought everything, but I refrained and only bought one dress...which I die for. And boys no need to worry cause they also have clothes for you. I strongly urge you to not be shy and take a trip to the store. You wont regret it. The store also serves coffee. Genius? I think so. And the jewelry...ohhh the jewelry.  All hand made and unique, these jewelry pieces are definitely going to have people stopping and asking you where you got it. I am kicking myself for not buying one of the rings I fell in love with, but that is just an excuse to go back... soon. All in all you can bet your ass that I am going to be spending a lot of time in this store. With amazing clothes, Coffee, great price points, and an adorable staff I am officially in love with this store.

The highlight of going to these events...I get to spend time with one of my favorite ladies Joanna Riedl. She is my inspiration! Ps. worst picture of my arm ever? Yes, yes it is.

These lovies were basically wearing what I plan to wear all fall. Long skirts, sweaters and button ups. I just hope I can wear them as well as they do!

These girls were so adorable and I loved all the color and print they were working with!

This is me almost falling down the hill on the way to the car...thought I should include it.

I blew it and didn't get any good shots of the beautiful jewelry but please check out the Bliss Lau website here.
ACRE SF is located at 310 Union Street. Check it out!

Shirt: Urban outfitter, Skirt: UNIF via Nasty Gal, Shoes: Aldo, Purse: H&M, Bracelets: Forever21, Belt: Betsy Johnson.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its Not Always Sunny...

I dread the cold weather that is around the corner. However, it is an excuse to go shopping and stock up on great layering pieces. Layering can be intimidating and I can definitely go overboard. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Which really means that sometimes I look like I could live on 6th street and sometimes I look is a fine line. Thats why occasionally I prefer to just keep it simple. The combination of collared button ups and adorable sweaters has me swooning and its a no brainer. Sold!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Kid On The Block

After breaking up with Southern California, I had no doubt in my mind about rebounding with San Francisco. After almost six years of being romanced by this city I am proud to say the relationship is still going strong. Factor in my incurable addictions to fashion, music and art and you have one hell of a match. Great shopping, amazing concerts and art shows, eclectic and fashionable street style...its hard not to get inspired in this city. So I figured I would jump on the blog wagon and document it - just like my personal style and taste I promise it will be all over the place. 

Skirt:Hy & dot (From Mira Mira), Shirt:Insight (From Mira Mira), Shoes:Aldo, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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