Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For The Shoe Addicted

What girl doesn't love shoes and Rachel Bilson? I have been obsessed my whole life with shoes and with Rachel Bilson since the day the OC aired on TV. (Rachel was always better then Mischa. I just have to say it.) RB can do no wrong. She is beautiful, seems like she may be the sweetest girl ever and everything she wears I want to steal. So clearly I was pretty stoked to hear that her and her stylist Nicole Chavez have teamed up with Steve Madden to launch her new e-commerce project ShoeMint. The gist of it is just like Stylemint. You sign up, you take a style quiz and then each month you get to choose from a selection of amazing shoes (exclusively on the site) that all cost $79.98 a pair. If for some reason you don't love the collection on a certain month you just skip it at no charge and pray you fall in love the next month. Oh and did I mention the free shipping?
 The official launch is this Friday November 25th so hurry and sign up. I hope to be running around in my new pair ASAP!


  1. Those shoes are amazing! Rachel Bilson always has an adorable sense of style!!

    Steph and Amber


  2. i signed up already. rachel bilson's so adorable! i can't wait for the actual launch!

  3. wow i want those shoes!
    rachel has great taste


  4. i definitely think that summer was a more relatable character than marissa. i mean, i don't know many girls that were as screwed up as her. but i have to admit that i couldn't even watch the show once they kicked her off. i was just too depressed.
    now that THAT is out of the way, adore this advertisement. love her shoes and love her!!
    xo TJ


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