Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prepare For The Stampedes!

Photos via Huffingtonpost
Versace for H&M will be available in stores on November 19th. I already know the line and rush of people trying to get their paws on the items at the downtown SF store is going to be INTENSE! I was at the downtown store a few days after they released the Jimmy Choo collection and I was almost knocked down the escalator by a women hoarding boxes of shoes. (I must say I was impressed at how many boxes she could actually carry though.) Don’t get me wrong...I get it. The thought of getting amazing designer clothes for so cheap is enough to drive any girl/guy crazy, however I am not one to camp out and wait in line only to have to out run and climb over women to get what I want. Now when I was a kid and really into cabbage patch dolls, you bet your ass I would have ran, climbed, and fought to the death to get my hands on the perfect baby, Darleen Deanne or Marcelle Elizabeth or April Lynn, but now its just not a good look on me. I am more of a wait a few days and drop in to see if they still have anything in my size, and when they don’t...cause they never do...I resort to pouting before I decide to scour the internet hoping to find something on Ebay. That being said...this Versace line may make me rethink my plan. The official look book was recently released and there are a few pieces that have me considering putting my helmet and running shoes on. While there is of course tons of colors and patterns happening in this collection, I can’t help but be drawn to the amazing and perfectly detailed black dresses. I am drooling over the black studded dress and can already invision myself wearing it to holiday parties. This may be love people... and it may be strong enough to send me into the stampede.


  1. This collection is really amazing, I think I would love a leather skirt, that will be available soon.

  2. Ok...I'm sold! Let me know when we need to hit the streets and camp out.

  3. Thanks for your comment !
    This collection is amazing, very cool !

  4. Versace!!! 17th November in Portugual!!!!!

  5. I fortunately don't have to worry about the stampedes because unfortunately H&M stores in Detroit NEVER have the designer collections. :(
    Good luck snagging one of those super hot dresses!!!

  6. I'm totally ready for this collection.
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  7. Sigh. Another amazing capsule collection from H&M... have you heard about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection?? Really excited for that one as well.

  8. I CAN'T wait for this! Is it wrong to call in sick from work Nov 19?!

    Great post :)



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