Friday, October 28, 2011

Get Your Purity Ring On

Remember when I said I was a sucker for a group with an awesome female lead? Well here is another example. Purity Ring is a band that I have recently become semi-obsessed with. Their single “Belispeak” is so catchy and addicting I can barely even stand it. So of course when I become obsessed with something I have to google it to death to read up and scour whatever pictures I can find. My luck on this stalking assignment was not so easy. Try googling “Purity Ring Band” and all your going to get is a bunch of crap about ACTUAL purity rings. Not interested google, sorry. Through the crap I did manage to find some pictures and articles about the actual band, and after doing what lurking I could, I decided that singer Megan James and bandmate Corin Roddick are adorable. Megan rocks these girly dresses on stage in such an ‘I don’t give a shit’ way that it makes me jealous. Pretty much she rocks. And Corin...not too bad to look at and he has great style. Score. Add in the fact that the bands sound is a swoony mix of synth, samples,and beats with r&b and hip hop influences and you have a slam dunk. I encourage everyone to take a listen and if you are feeling really ambitious, try the google search. At the very least you will learn what purity bands are hot this season. 


  1. good to see you're polishing your stalking, I mean research! techniques ;) just joking. it's a good song! And I know exactly what you mean by 'getting obsessed' with a song. I am obsessed with cage the elephant right now. The whole album. It's ridiculous :) I thought I was loyal to my 'gangsta' rap obsession...

  2. I know it and I love it too, and I can't explain myself why :).

    Have a sweet weekend.

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