Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Gift Guide For Men That Will Benefit YOU TOO!

I will start this post by saying that I am very single. However around the holidays I always see my tied down girlfriends struggle over what to get the men in their lives. This is me helping. I refuse to fictionally shop for my fictional boyfriend without making sure I can get something out of it too!

1.A Lesson in Something AWESOME: (Ex: Sailing! Flying! Craft Beer Brewing!)

This is a great way to get your guy to try something new that you wouldn’t mind tagging along and enjoying if he gets really into it. Better yet, it may get him out of the house long enough for you to enjoy some of your hobbies…or to just enjoy your bad TV shows and online shopping.
Here are some links to some very cool classes in the area:

2. Dress Him Up (A Nice Cardigan And Button Up):
Lets face it…pretty much all guys can pull of these pieces. Either together or separate, and they look hot. For us girls though, sometimes the perfect addition to our outfits is our boyfriend/husbands adorable cardigan or button up shirt. I suggest sticking with neutral colors when shopping for both.  It will give your guy, and you, more opportunities to pair these pieces with the pieces you already own.

3.Get Connected (The iPhone 4S):

This one is easy. Most people I know have an iPhone. No doubt your guy will love an upgrade. If he doesn’t have an iPhone then no doubt he will love being rescued from the dark ages.  A new phone always benefits the girlfriend/wife and with iMessage and FaceTime you can really keep connected and (don’t be afraid to say it) keep tabs on your guy. The biggest benefit of having the same phone as your guy…sharing phone chargers!

4.Clean Up His Act (Shaving Kit, Beard Trimmer, Professional Shave):

Nothing is worse then beard burn from making out. It hurts, it looks awful and lets face it, it has become the new hickey. Totally tacky. Until they come up with a cure for the common beard burn my rule is: Keep it smooth or grow it out. If your man wants to keep it smooth help him out with a good shaving kit! On the other hand, I am not opposed to facial hair but come on guys, don’t let it get all caveman on us. If you insist on a beard or mustache, please make sure to trim it. The less hair growing into your mouth and the less food you collect in it, the better!
If you need to get your man on the shaving train treat him to a professional shave. I know a few guys who have had one and they are hooked. Here are 2 hip spots in SF and in Oakland that I have heard great things about.

5. Shut Him Up
When guys want something they let it be known. If they have been eyeing some cool new pair of Nikes, some new vinyl, something for their bike, or have been obsessing over some new piece of technology…YOU WILL KNOW. So why not just get them whatever it is that you are sick of hearing them talk about. You will be crowned “most awesome girlfriend/wife” ever, shut them up, and have a great example of how you listen when they don’t :)


  1. LOL ! Very nice post !
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  2. haha

    these are awesome gifts!!

    i'd totally get my boyfriend these things...if mine wasn't fictional too.lol



  3. Love these ideas! I never know what to get my guy.


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  5. sailing sounds AMAZING! now if only the weather would cooperate!
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  6. Great post!! Can't wait to read more. :)

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