Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PARTY TIME with Mira Mira, Rue Magazine and Photobooth!

Last week Photobooth teamed up with Mira Mira and Rue Magazine to throw an amazing party filled with all of SF's favorite fashionistas. The party included all my favorite things...Drinks, music, Sweet treats, live colored polaroids, My favorite fashionable people and best of all SHOPPING! Mira Mira not only set up a pop up shop but was also handing out styling tips. I was lucky enough to be a part of the event by being a live mannequin. My duties included wearing an amazing outfit styled by Mira herself, taking polaroids of the guests and socializing. Um can we say BEST JOB EVER! I was also lucky enough to do the job with two of my best friends Sally and Kalisha which was pretty much the icing on the cake. Here are some pictures of the event...
Full House!

My Sparkly outfit. When I wasn't socializing I was standing on this box. My one night to be tall!

Me and Miss. Mira! + Photobomber

Kalish, me, Mira and Sally. Mannequin love.

The Mira Mira pop up shop was beautiful!

Sally and her husband Mike getting their live polaroid done.

The finished product was gorgeous! 

Jackie of  The Hourglass, Amber of Ambers Notebook, and Foxy PR lady (AKA Boss Lady) Joanna Riedl

Jennie of Going West and guest.

Love these girls

Sally and Schmitty aka the man behind Epicly Trife

Me and Joanna with Josie Ramondetta (my Fabulous photographer!)

The always adorable Klassy. Refinery29 intern and contributor. I was beyond in love with her skirt!

Kristen of Stylenik, Whit of Britt+whit and guest

Vince Donovan of Photobooth

 LyAnn Chha of Poshmark, Lorraine Sanders of SF Indie Fashion, and Kate Seward of The Styley
All photos courtesy of Kurt Manley  www.kurtmanleyphotography.com
Last photo courtesy of SF Indie Fashion


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